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January 11, 2018

The Insulator Seal division of MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, recently had the opportunity to manufacture a 10kW RF-power coil for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The ITER tokamak reactor will be the largest and most powerful fusion device in the world. Designed to produce 500 MW of power for 50 MW of input heating power (a power amplification ratio of 10), it will take its place in history as the first fusion device to create net energy.


  • RF-power water-cooled feedthrough operates as a high frequency in-vacuum induction heating coil

TechnicalĀ Specifications

  • Designed to emit uniform energy or temperature over 190mm zone
  • Helium Leak Tested to: 2.0 x 10^-10 std.
  • Voltage Rating: 8kV peak
  • Power Rating: 10kW @ 450kHz


10kW RF-Power Coil - MDC Vacuum Products

ISI P/N: 1171501

Material Specifications

  • Tube: Oxygen Free High Thermal Conductivity (OFHC) Copper
  • Ceramics: 94% Alumina
  • Flange Assembly: 304 Stainless Steel and OFHC Copper

171501D - 10kW Power Coil Drawing - ITER Fusion - Insulator Seal ISI

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